How to Get Your FICO Credit Score For Free


It is highly recommended that you take responsibility for protecting your financial reputation by checking your FICO Score at least once every year. It is easier to do that you might have thought given you can do it right here online and for free. No reason to procrastinate especially since your score determines the interest rate you will be charged when you borrow from any bank or lending institution. That’s right your credit score will determine the interest rate of student loans, mortgages, credit card and lines of credit rates. Given the rate of identity fraud and data entry mistakes it is irresponsible if you do not to check out your credit score annually.

If you are looking for a job you should know that your next job search success could be jeopardized by failing to check out your score? Most employers will check out your credit score as a consideration in hiring. Want to rent a nice place? What if the landlord declines your application because your FICO score is low? Cell phone companies, hydro companies, and other utility companies will check your credit score before approval is granted. A lot rests on your credit report’s accuracy.

An easy popular way to check is right online with a free credit report. There are many reputable companies online offering this service for free. Additional services may be offered such as credit protection but these services are optional. Your score ranges from 300 to 850, with 850 representing a perfect credit rating. You are encouraged to become familiar with your FICO score and check it once a year. The sooner you discover any problems with the data entry from human error or from identity fraud you can report these errors and protect your credit rating as soon as possible. Don’t risk paying more interest on that next car loan!

How Do I Check My FICO Score and Credit Report?

Now that you are aware of how your FICO score impacts your finances, you may be wondering “How do I get my free FICO score?” Easy, To learn more about obtaining a free online credit report, visit [], an excellent resource on credit reports and your credit score.

Find Out What Your FICO is… Click Here [].


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