Switching to 0 Interest Credit Cards


Facing problems with your current credit card because you seem to be unable to clear off your debt even with continuous payments? One of the biggest problems we encounter with credit cards is that they frequently give us headache because of the interest gained. Whenever you send payments, it seems that these are only skimmed from the top, without the principal loan amount remaining the same. You may be worried that your credit score would eventually become lower and lower until it would be virtually impossible for you to apply for any loan or to get another card. Sometimes it would even affect your job.

Faced with such heavy burdens, credit card companies now offer a viable solution for you – the 0 interest credit cards. If you want to make sure that the payments you make for your balance reduces the principal loan amount, then you should transfer your balances to 0 interest cards.

0 interest cards are cards that have no interest for a limited period of time. This is usually an introductory offer that lasts from 2 months up to 36 months, depending on the card company’s specifications. This type of card is a very useful tool for balance transfers, huge purchases or for interest free loans.

However, the longer the interest free period, the stricter the conditions are. If you want to increase your credit score or be able to reduce your debt until you don’t owe anyone anything anymore, 0 interest cards are very useful, but not without any drawbacks. For instance, paying your card’s bills on time and with the right amount is necessary. If you don’t you will either be given a large fine for late payment, or the 0-interest promo will be removed from your card’s benefits. The latter is much harsher than the former, hence it is very important that you read through the entire contract before moving on with acquiring the 0 interest credit card of your choice.

You can also switch from one 0 interest credit card to another and transfer your balances on and on. However, some of these cards will charge you for transferring your balance to another 0 interest card. Also, some credit card companies will eventually notice the trend you are making and you may not be likely to get approved the next time, so be cautious in getting 0 interest credit cards.

Switching to 0 interest credit cards is only advisable if you know you can pay your card’s bills on time. If you have a history of not being able to pay on time, you may be in danger of facing more debts than before. Card companies are very cautious of a person’s paying habits. They may give you a 0 interest introductory period, but they may have indicated that the moment you miss a payment deadline, this offer will be forfeited. Also, check how much the annual percentage rate of the card would be after the 0 interest period. If you think you will not be able to finish the debt before the interest free period expires, don’t get this card because you may end up being more indebted again since the APR of these cards are higher than regular cards.

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